Use of drags as an anchor securement method

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3 years 10 months ago #175 by aellingson
I bought a few drags earlier this year but haven't used them yet this season, even tho they are waxed and ready to go. Now with the snow in zone 6 I think it'd be easier to set out a drag than a double stake rebar/wolf fang earth anchor system. Also, I don't always get out as early in the day to check my offset jaw/outside laminated MB-650's as early as I'd prefer, so a drag might be to my benefit. (I think a 650 would hold a wolf quite well, but I don't know)
I have 3 of these:
Anyone out there use or recommend drags, or know how these might work for a wolf? I don't really want to have to chase a wolf across a field, or way down a logging road, but these appear to be pretty good drags that I bought so they may bite right in well. I once read that a drag should only be used w/ a secondary anchor system such as rebar or a wolf fang earth anchor. However, this year I happened to meet a guy in the woods who successfully trapped a wolf around 10/18 in zone 5 using a drag and he said it had taken it about 40 yards (I don't know him, but he seemed to know what he was doing and he wasn't using a secondary anchor with it).
Now that we have snow, does the trap and drag still need to be buried under ground?

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