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Disease precautions when handling wolves

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6 years 5 months ago #32 by DuaneFronek
Disease precautions when handling wolves was created by DuaneFronek
There has been some questions regarding disease in wolves in WI. Personally I've witnessed a high percentage of mange in ones I've skinned for a taxidermist and ones I've released from coyote traps. Seems most wolves have at least a touch of mange. While mange is easily transferred to dogs, it can affect people but is rare. The mange mites from talking to a vet are canine specific.

As for hydatid disease the DNR hasn't put out any announcements but they do have mention of the disease in there new trappers education manual. Echinococosis is caused by infection in the larval stage of Echinococcus multilocularis, is a microscopic tapeworm found in wild canines. It states its contracted from rodents (maybe to cover their butt).
People can get it by ingesting the eggs from skinning, eating under cooked meat, the soil or water. Surgery it sez is the most form of treatment.

In general you should take precautions with any wild animal by wearing nitrile gloves and cleaning your work area after skinning or butchering.

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