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Ashland area wolves

5 years 6 months ago #223 by Don
Ashland area wolves was created by Don
After several years deer hunting in northern Wi and seeing nothing but red squirrels and wolves I think its time to reduce the wolf population on our own. After this years opening weekend my two brothers and I were in our stands and heard nothing but howling then 1 brother had a wolf come in to within 25 yards of his stand on Monday. The wolf just walked back and forth sneaking around in the brush. [My 1 brother had a deer on opening morning and it was hanging 30 ft from our shack in a tree.]The wolf was out of sight 30 min before he left his stand and when we all got back to the cabin and discussed our options we decided to go back home in the morning. Believe me it gets old after 3 days sitting in stands and no deer even thouh we baited the week prior. No bait was even touched after a week. Anyway Tuesday morning we got up packed and loaded the deer on the trailer only to find out both hind flanks were eaten off, we lost about 12-15 lbs of meat. The wolves have been a real issue the last 5 years. Had we known this would be an issue we would have spent our tens of thousands of dollars else where.But for now the local hunters and us included may have to handle the situation our selves, at least in our own area.

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5 years 6 months ago #224 by WWH Admin
Replied by WWH Admin on topic Ashland area wolves
Welcome to the board Don. I can only imagine the frustration :pinch:
Great Lakes Wolf hunting getting yanked on us like it did was fowl play politics from day one. Biologists and state officials have already determined that Wolves are definitely not endangered here.
Now our state, in conjunction with Michigan and Minnesota need to get the right people in place to fix this.

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5 years 6 months ago #234 by aellingson
Replied by aellingson on topic Ashland area wolves
Yeah, thanks for commenting on that. I hear that concern from so many. No wonder that one wolf zone in northern WI closed in 2 or 3 days last year...Geez. I thought we have a lot of wolves in west central WI but Don's description sounds really upsetting, but that's in line w/ what I hear from others.

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