Fall 2021 Wolf Hunt

The statewide quota for the Fall 2021 wolf season has been set at 130 wolves. The Department set an objective of no significant population change based on the consideration of all of the relevant factors set forth in statutes and in our administrative code and asked agency scientists to determine a quota to meet this objective using the best available science. Prior to setting the quota, there was an extensive public input period followed by thorough review of the information gathered.

State-licensed hunters and trappers will be authorized to harvest 74 wolves within the six zones established in the department's regulations. The department will honor the Ojibwe Tribes' treaty right within the Ceded Territory of 56.

The table below shows how the quota will be distributed between the six hunting zones, taking into consideration the Ojibwe Tribal Declaration.

In light of the state quota of 74 wolves, the department will use a license ratio of 5:1 to offer the opportunity to 370 successful applicants to purchase a state wolf hunting license.  
The department plans to notify successful applicants on Oct. 25, 2021, at which point licenses will also go on sale. The department's decision is consistent with state statutes and department regulations, which authorize the department to make the final decision on the quota and the number of licenses.

117 Wolves were harvested during the 2012 Wisconsin Wolf Hunt.

Below is a breakdown by Wisconsin Counties showing harvests by Gun and Trap.

  • Out of 117 harvested Wolves
  • 59% were male
  • 41% were female
  • 52% were legally trapped
  • 48% were legally shot